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There are two major types of breast reductions, surgery, and the one other option that most people do not know about, breast reduction pills. For male breast reduction information click here

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Is it actually possible to have pills that can reduce the size of my breasts and not have to have any surgery at all? Will this work for a male breast reduction? Yes get information on Gynecomastia.

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If it's time for surgery, click here to get some great information on what you really need to know.

Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy running again? Or even walking in some extreme cases, breast reduction surgery is no easy matter to deal with. There are many different obstacles to deal with before even getting into the operating room such as smoking. If you're a light smoker or more, most doctors will not operate because of health reasons.

Imagine waking up each day with slightly smaller breasts. Your life would become more manageable and you wouldn't have to deal with neck and back pain. Forget about uncomfortable bra fits. Clothing will also become easier to find! The days of buying two different bikinis for your body size are over.

These certainly are not the only problems surrounding larger breast size. Many women decide to go under the knife to correct this debilitating and painful problem. Thanks to new age medicine we have ways of helping you, without taking any risk at all, and there will be NO RECOVERY TIME. The reduction is painless and effective and best of all its really affordable.

Reduction surgery will cost more than $3000 for the procedure, with Alexia Reduction Pills it will be far under $300. Why would you even think about surgery when you can try something far safer and far less expensive? Click Here

Breast Reduction Case to Proceed Before Jury

Questions that I wanted to ask Before My Breast Reduction.

•  Are you a board certified plastic surgeon and have you ever had any actions taken against you?

•  Am I able to see the surgery room before I get the reduction, is it going to be the room that I will be in?

•  How many breast reductions have you done, in the last year, in this office, without an assistant and have any of your patients developed fat necrosis?

•  How many years have you been doing breast reductions?

•  What side effects and complications can I expect and are they very rare or do they happen often?

•  Are there any kinds of drainage tubes that will be sticking out of my breasts afterwards?

•  How long will I be in the surgery room for?

•  When will I be able to take a shower?

•  When can I go back to work?

•  When can I lift heaving things again?

•  Do I have to qualify for anything?

•  When do I have to come back for checkups?

•  Can I see pictures of surgeries that you have done?

•  What is the price of the surgery and what is the average TOTAL cost for your patients?

•  Can I get the pain prescription for after the surgery before the surgery is commenced so that I have it available?

•  What type of anesthesia will you be using?

•  How is this going to affect PMS breast pain?

•  Do I have to wear a special bra before leaving the building?

•  I'm worried about scarring, what's going to happen regarding this?

•  Is there going to be any kind of stretch markings from this?

•  Does the surgery include liposuction on my sides or under my arms?

•  Is this going to change the shape of my breasts?

•  Are my nipples going to be detached?

•  Is there any chance that I could lose my nipple in regards to nipple reduction?

•  I want a specific shape to my breasts, not pointy or ski slope but round, how do I know that you understand the shape that I want?

•  I don't want the shape of my breasts to look obviously modified, what can be done about this?

•  What size can I go to without my stomach being the part that sticks out more than my breasts?

Size and Insurance You Need to Know the Grams

This is one of the biggest problems breast size in relation to your body is different for each person. If you only need or want to reduce your breast a small amount it may be considered cosmetic and not covered by insurance. The insurance companies measure the amount in grams and you need to find out how many grams you'll have to have reduced in order to qualify for insurance. My size and shape has changed quite a bit over the years and insurance companies don't take into account how stressful this can be. They only look at the facts, make sure you get everything in writing when you talk to your insurance company as well as write down the name of the person you talked to and the date. My insurance company required almost 400 grams per side meaning each breast would have to be reduced by 400 grams. There are 450 (roughly) grams per pound so it's not that much that need to be reduced, about a pound per side.

Problems and Complications to Watch Out For

When considering a breast reduction there are a number of things that you'll need to watch out for. Infection, loss of feeling, sensitivity, nonsymmetrical breasts, shape or size that you don't like, loss of breast or breast and worst of all, death. Another possible but rare complication is fat necrosis which I'll cover later. I'm very lucky to have had almost no problems at all.

How to Physically and Mentally Prepare

You may have been waiting a long time for this life change to happen, don't talk yourself out if it now. If you start to feel anxiety or stress building, stop and take a few deep breaths without thinking any thoughts at all. After three or four breaths tell yourself why you are doing this, you're tired of the back pain, dealing with your large breasts every day it's going to be great once this is over. You'll be surprised at how effective it can be. To prepare physically, the more fit you are, the better off you'll be. It can be as simple as just making sure you're walking for a half hour each day, this will increase your cardio and believe it or not, you're ability to heal as well. The more physically fit you are, the easier this process will be, most of us won't be able to run very well but even a fast paced walk will increase you're ability to heal quickly without complications.

Vitamins and Herbs

This can be a big help as well, but it is very important to talk with your doctor about which ones you can take before the surgery. Be careful of taking vitamin E, it's good for rebuilding blood vessels and is good to take after your healing process has begun but it is an anticoagulant like Ginko Biloba. If you take an anticoagulant too soon after the surgery you run the risk of excessive bleeding. This comes from having a wound that is healing but not completely closed, if the blood thins it will be able to come through your healing areas were it normally would not. Vitamin C is the best thing you can do for yourself, take it a few weeks before the surgery and continue with it for as long as you like afterwards.

Helpful Hints for Breast Tenderness

•  Vitamin E 400 IU a day is the most helpful for reducing breast tenderness.

•  Vitamin B6 100mg a day at max, anything more may cause side effects, this can also reduce irritability, fatigue and depression.

•  Magnesium 400mg a day will help in reducing water retention, negative moods as well as pain.

•  Calcium 1000mg a day will reduce body aches and bloating.

Many women have found that and mix of vitamin B1 and B6 can completely reduce all pains in the breasts. With B6 use a maximum of 50mg anything more is known to cause numbness in the extremities and possible nerve damage. High doses of the popular vitamin E will also help with breast pain but do not exceed 200mg per day.

Another thing that you can take for breast pain is Primrose Oil, but watch out for the price tag. This is a fatty acid that is recommended to help prevent arthritis and maintain brain functions. I'd recommend using vitamin B before using this.

Support from Family and Friends

This is going to be your lifeline, not everyone has this support, but do your best to let someone know what you're about to do and how it's affecting your life. These are the people that will know that a breast reduction is something you want and will help you get over the small bumps in the road before you have your reduction. Not everyone is going to understand why you would want smaller breasts. They haven't had to lug these things around all day and they haven't had to deal with trying to find clothing that fits and looks good at the same time. Make sure you are doing this for you and not for anyone else, it's your life, not theirs.

Breast Reduction Costs and Consultations

The cost is mostly determined by two things, the size of the reduction and whether or not you are going to be using insurance to cover some or perhaps all of the costs. There are many smaller things that can go along with a breast reduction like nipple reduction and whether or not the nipples will be attached to a blood supply. You're doctor should give you an estimate sheet with all the costs of each little procedure for you to select. Prices can range from as little as $3500 up to $30,000 and more.

Take a look at the list of questions link on the side of this page. You'll want to ask as many of those questions as are appropriate for your surgery. The first thing to look at is the before and after portfolio that the doctor will have. Remember that these will be the best case scenarios. You're doctor will most likely take pictures for insurance pre-approval and will be marking areas of your breasts with a pen. Don't even think about doing this consultation when you're near or on your period. Remember to only go with a doctor that you felt comfortable with during this consultation, this is the person that will be altering the rest of your life. If the doctor is not listening to your concerns and keeps trying to get you to realize his/her way is best, then you need to find a new doctor, be careful.

Your Reduction Pre-operation Appointment

You may have to wait for your insurance coverage company to approve the payment before you'll get a pre-appointment. Here's a basic list of things that you can expect to happen at the appointment. You'll have to have your shirt off as usual and the doctor will be using a sharpie type marker on you. This isn't always the case as sometimes they wait until the actual day of the surgery. I found with them doing this a few days ahead of time it was a bit of shocker because it's the first time that you can look at yourself and realize that it's actually going to happen. Sometimes the doctor will also scratch the markings to make them last longer, this is something like the process of being tattooed but does not hurt at all and it's not at all permanent. After getting the markings I was able to have a few showers without the markings coming off, it only took a few touch ups later. This is also the day that you'll get the consent form that you have to sign. You'll have to read a list of all the possible complications such as uneven breast nipples and death. It's hard to sign something like this when your already nervous so be prepared for that. You'll also be given a list of instructions regarding what to do and what not to do. You'll be asked to stop taking blood thinning medications, other vitamins, Ibuprofen and aspirin. You can keep taking the vitamin C. You may want to consider going to your doctor about getting a sleep aid for the week before the surgery. If you lose sleep and your immune goes down at all you run the risk of getting a cold which can delay the surgery. On the same day of your pre-appointment you may have to go to another building to get a bleeder test done. This lets the doctors know how fast your blood clots.

On Surgery Day

Here are a few things that you'll want to take with you before your breast reduction surgery. Pack the car early with a few of your favorite things, thrust me it'll help. Also bring a throw up bag, crackers, a pillow, a blanket and a cooler with either ginger ale or water or both. Most doctors are going to have a different process for getting you into your gown. You'll be given a place to store your clothes while you're in surgery. They'll most likely go over the marks on your breast again after you're into your gown. They'll likely take you into the room where they relax you with warm blankets and place the IV into your arm. They will then move you into the surgery room and insert the breathing tube after your unconscious. Once you're awake be prepared for some sickness, it's not as bad as you think, it's just your body getting back to normal and this takes time. It'll be about 1 day before they take the staples out and switch to adhesive tape. This is like normal tape but with less glue on it. Your breasts may look a bit boxy like mine were but they quickly swell on the day of surgery and the day after. You'll think they didn't actually take anything out. But once the swelling subsides you'll be pretty much exactly were the doctor says you'll be.

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It's unreal, after only a few weeks I'm noticing a releif on my back, it's like oh my god where are they going! The only thing I don't like is that I have to buy new bras, but at least they'll fit!

There's no way I'll ever think of breast reductions now, I just take my pill twice a day and my breast problems are going away, thanks Alexia.

My husband has been away in middle east, when he gets back he's not going to be able to keep his hands of me, it's like my breasts have gone back in time, only they're a normal size as well, don't think about it ladies, and if it doesn't work you'll get your money back.

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